Shoes On, Now! are an 8-bit new-wave punk band from the UK, mixing noisy guitar music with gameboys and other chiptune sounds.

They formed in 2018 and wrote an album exploring the inner emotional lives of video game characters circa 1991-94, and it was fun. So that’s their thing now.

They strongly encourage you listen to their debut album, Backwards Compatible.


The debut album

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Track 1

Commercial Opportunities

Sim City 2000. 1993.

What would it feel like to live in a miniature city that was created solely to distract a deposed tyrant from doing more harm in the real world? Weirdly, it feels a lot like living in the real world circa 2018...

Track 2

Another Signal

Streets of Rage 1 - 3. 1991-94.

“I left the force, it’s gone bad, now I’m looking to brawl. And if I need backup fire then I know who to call. I only really count on Blaze, cos everybody looks the same, and the kids all wearing rollerblades, on the Streets of Rage.”

Track 3

Japan Thailand

Street Fighter II. 1991.

M. Bison (or Vega if you’re in Japan) is a fascinating human being. He’s a bonafide dictator with aspirations of world domination, but he’s got a rather unusual plan. Instead of invading a neighbouring country, or doing some kind of terrorist thing he’s chosen to host a very fair and inclusive sports-like competition. You could call it the world cup of kicking and punching. This is his song.

Track 4

Feeling Small

Micro Machines 2: Turbo Tournament. 1994.

You might not think you could relate emotionally to a tiny toy car locked in a never-ending series of head-to-head races, but it turns out that you can. In the end, aren’t we all just wondering ‘Who the hell needs more than one pool table?’.

Track 5

Rearview Mirror

Road Rash II. 1993.

"Cruisin’ down, Cruisin’ down, Cruisin’ down the road... Cruisin’ down, Cruisin’ down, help he's got a chain!"

Track 6

Jump Sweep

Street Fighter II. 1991.

Chun-li was never the best of friends with Vega (I mean M. Bison), but she was still invited to the World Cup of Kicking and Punching. While on tour she took the time to document her unbeatable fighting technique and shared this with her fans. This is a very serious song about a complex technical combat strategy.

Track 7

Red Shoes

Sonic the Hedgehog. 1991.

It was a lonely life for a heroic hedgehog in 1991. There were plenty of fluffy creatures to save, but what Sonic really wanted was a friend...

Track 8

Following You

Lemmings. 1991.

If you wanted to show the world what a unique and interesting person you are, you could probably do this by dying your hair green and dressing in full length blue robes. But please try not to fall through any trap-doors...

Track 9

Oh My

Sonic the Hedgehog 2. 1992.

Miles “Tails” Prower is the reliable friend Sonic had always hoped for, but the feeling isn’t mutual...

Track 10

Running Away

Theme Park. 1994.

A young boy goes to a theme park to celebrate his birthday. What could be simpler? What could possibly go wrong? Oh wait, he went to a Theme Park theme park...

Track 11

Go Ballistic

Mortal Kombat 1 - 3 (ish). 1991+.

“All these fatalities, it’s just so fatalistic. I abhor the brutality, but when it’s them against me, I just go ballistic…”

Track 12

Incredibly Brave

Gynoug (aka Wings of Wor). 1991.

Gynoug (or Wings of Wor if you’re in the USA) takes place in a traumatic world full of traumatising trauma. That doesn’t bother the angel Wor much though, as he is Incredibly Brave. In this brave song, he bravely bares his soul and shows us how his traumatic encounters have not traumatised him in the slightest. Go bravery!


Backwards Compatible (Chiptune Version)

It's the whole same album, but 100% bleeps and bloops and none of the pesky humans.

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Shoes On, Now! are a hip cool young band of 30-something dads who used to be in punk bands. They formed the band in January 2018, shortly after deciding they wanted to form a band together.

Their first album, Backwards Compatible, is a 12-track mish-mash of chiptune, punk, new wave and raclette. It was written, arranged, recorded and produced by the band over a 12(ish) month period in between working, making dinner, watching Netflix and getting frustrated by how long it takes to get their children ready to leave the house.

To date, they have met up for a total of two band practices, preferring to write and arrange their material over the world wide web.

The album itself was recorded in Adam’s shed using Ableton Live, BeepBox, a single microphone designed especially for use in a business conference environment, zero amps and a repurposed strimmer that served as both a mic and lyrics stand. Oh, and they played guitar through a Game Boy on a bunch of songs. That was fun...

The album, released on Xmas Eve 2018 via advent calendar, is available on all the online platforms that helped make HMV redundant.

They initially decided they weren’t going to play gigs, but have since changed their collective mind so, if you felt the urge to book them, you could contact them here and they could be playing your town before you could say “local support!”

They are very much looking forward to meeting you and have heard a lot about you.

Shoes On, Now! are...

Rich Vocals, Guitar, Programming Drums and Synths

Fuzz Guitar, Chiptune

Adam Bass, Production


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